Geography of Madagascar


The Big Island of Madagascar is cuted from north to south by a mountain range with an altitude ranging from 1000m to 1500m in the malagasy highlands. From the highland to the west of Madagascar on the Mozambique Channel side is the largest, occupied by low-lying plains.

On the other hand, from the highland towards the East of Madagascar on the Indian Ocean side, occupied by cliffs abruptly flattened on the coasts.

Indeed, the Highland altitude towards the East and the West has created a catchment basin of Madagascar and almost all the rivers and streams of Madagascar flow either in the east coast part or the west coast part.

The north of Madagascar is volcanic from a culminating point on Tsaratanàna to 2876 m altitude which is the highest peak of Madagascar.

The south of Madagascar semi-arid is divided into three parts such as the Southwest, occupied by uplands of limestones, the South point, occupied by the dry plains and the Southeast, by the Anosyan chains.

All these geographical characteristics condition a wide choice of theme travel in Madagascar.

Travel to Madagascar

Travel to Madagascar

Travel to Madagascar. When we talk about travel to Madagascar, the big island of Madagascar has its essentials and touristic potentialities. An island of discovery travels, adventure travels and culture travels. A unique nature sanctuary with a high endemism rate either land or sea. Also, the amazing geological formations, welcoming people, the seaside resorts of Madagascar incite travelers to travel in Madagascar with several touristic activities such as the gastronomy, solidarity, the trekking, the climbing, the canyoning, the acro branch, the speleology, surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, sailing, cruising, fishing, diving, base jumping, equestrian, mountain biking, quad, 4WD raid, paragliding, parachuting, ulm-paramotor and hot-air ballooning.

Madagascar solidarity travel

Tsaraventura is committed and submited under solidarity travels in Madagascar.

In view of the out-of-school children situation in Ambohimanarivo Andranonahoatra Antsirabe, the FLEUR BLEUE association with Tsaraventura’s collaboration set up a humanitarian aid center by giving poorly attended children a chance to study and flourish in various activities offered by FLEUR BLEUE.

Apart, face to deafness, we provide somes solidarity tours in Madagascar for deaf persons or hard of hearing people because everyone could have a chance to make do everythings like our activities to make travel. We have guides already adapted in sign language.

The hard of hearing have many advantages on an organized trip compared to other PMRs. They have the right to contribute most of tourist activities in Madagascar such as museum visits, park visits, hikes, trekking, dives … or other themed trips and not to mention exchanges with hearing-impaired locals in Madagascar.

We are always at your disposal to be partenerships if your company is relating to that.

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