Travel to Madagascar

Travel to Madagascar

Travel to Madagascar. When we talk about travel to Madagascar, the big island of Madagascar has its essentials and touristic potentialities. An island of discovery travels, adventure travels and culture travels. A unique nature sanctuary with a high endemism rate either land or sea. Also, the amazing geological formations, welcoming people, the seaside resorts of Madagascar incite travelers to travel in Madagascar with several touristic activities such as the gastronomy, solidarity, the trekking, the climbing, the canyoning, the acro branch, the speleology, surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, sailing, cruising, fishing, diving, base jumping, equestrian, mountain biking, quad, 4WD raid, paragliding, parachuting, ulm-paramotor and hot-air ballooning.

Andringitra trekking

Andringitra trekking


The national park of Andringitra is characterized by a low-altitude forest, Andringitra site is classified World Heritage by UNESCO as a refuge of the fauna and the flora of the Middle East. We ranked second level of hiking in Madagascar the trekking in Andringitra and it is a real wonder for hikers. The magmatic mountain range divides Andringitra into two, including the East, Namoly Valley and the West, the Tsaranoro Valley. The trekking in the Andringitra range leads you to the peak of Boby Peak at an altitude of 2658m and 1208m elevation difference from the starting point. The Andringitra National Park highlights offer landscapes, people, culture, waterfalls, natural pools, rivers, panoramas, viewpoints, lemurs, decorative palm trees, twilights…

Paragliding and climbing allowed.

The Andringitra trekking tour starts in Ambalavao, ascending Boby Peak, then descending the Tsaranoro valley and camp catta to join the RN7.



Day 1: Ambalavao / Namoly / Andringitra

Go off road towards Namoly. About 40 km of track but Betsileo landscapes enliven the scene through the mountains, local fields of culture, terrace rice fields and villages and typical habitats of the Betsileo.

Once you arrive in the village of Antanifotsy, after the instructions of the local guide of andringitra with the porters, you will start the hike by the track leading to the heart of Andringitra. View to the sacred waterfalls and the forest, climb through shrubs or forest at low altitude, detour to the natural pool before continuing this fake flat and join the first Andringitra camping site called Andriampotsy.

5 hours of hike

Night under tent


Day 2: Andringitra / Boby Peak / Lunar Place / Iantaranomby

Early departure for a harder day, hike to Boby Peak. The climb becomes serious with the presence of irregular steps until the crossing of the bowl, a fake dish. Then continue on the second climb on the left side of the boby peak and gain the summit of Boby Peak. Apart from this, the Andringitra lunar place with its impressive granite formation gives you a sense of space. And to finish the day, make a bit steep descent animated by endemic palm trees that are the Ravenea Glauca before arriving at the second camp of Andringitra at lantaranomby near the natural pool.

The ascent of Boby peak, panoramas 360°, The lunar place, sunrise and sunset.

7h of hiking

Night under tent


Day 3: Iantaranomby / Morarano / Tsaranoro Valley

On the way to end the 3rd day trekking in Andringitra.

First by a false flat and a zigzag descending by visiting some villages, follow a flat bordered by fields of culture and join Morarano village.

Beautiful view of Tsaranoro Valley

03 hours of hiking.

Night at the hotel