Madagascar touristic destination

The destination of Madagascar is becoming more and more popular and the evolution of the number of tourists going to Madagascar continues to increase over the last 10 years. In 2017, the NEW YORK TIMES affirmed Madagascar among the 52 countries worth to visit, in 2018 the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER ranked Madagascar in the 21 best destinations in the world and currently Madagascar is ranked top 10 of the best tourist destinations by ECONOMIQUE FORBES and MODE VOGUE. Also more than 140 nationalities listed frequent the big island of Madagascar and the European tourists still remain the first consumers. As a result, Madagascar will become the best Africa destination and Indian Ocean destination.

Whales festival in Ste Marie

Whales festival in Ste Marie

The whale festival in Ste Marie is an annual event, a Malagasy cultural event where everyone follows the rhythm of the island … Dances, music, sacrifices and rituals. The festival is an opportunity to celebrate humpback whales and takes place between the months of July and September in general during the arrival of colonies of giant humpback whales and lasts for minimum 4 days. A peaceful attraction in one of the heavenly islands of Madagascar that several families of whales crisscross on the horizon during this period of mating. Enjoy whale safaris in Ste Marie, the authentic island of Ile aux nattes with its beautiful beaches and other satellite islands.

Sainte Marie humpback whales watching periods: July to September

Madagascar humpback whales periods: (Toliara, Fort Dauphin, Nosy be, Maroantsetra, Sambava) July to November

Guaranteed departure, combined tour with « Andasibe, Pangalanes Channel and Ste Marie escapade »

Honeymoon to Madagascar

Honeymoon to Madagascar

Many are the heavenly places or heavenly beaches of Madagascar that are popular for lovers but many people choose to combine their honeymoon in Madagascar with other themes. We are entirely at your disposal to realize together your Madagascar honeymoon. Send us your request and our team will arrange your customized honeymoon in Madagascar. Personalize with us and memorize your honeymoon with our photographer if needed.

Family tour to Madagascar

In general, family tour to Madagascar always escape to adventure and trekking or other tourist activities and themes that require physical effort. We have selected some trips such us discovery tours or cultural tours proportional to a family travel to Madagascar.

Group tour and group travel to Madagascar

Nothing disconcerts that Madagascar is an island of discovery and culture. Until now, group travel in Madagascar focuses mainly on cultural themes, nature and discovery in general. With some travel partners from Madagascar Tsaraventura, we already have some guaranteed departures but can also organize a trip for a direct customers. Thus, we propose in Madagascar discovery travel, nature travel and cultural travel like topics. However this does not prevent you to combine these themes or to send us your own theme.

Private tour to Madagascar

Some travelers would not to fit in the group tours and they choose to do a private tour in Madagascar. In this case, through our offers, you could choose your own tour by offering a more advantageous tour because you will feel more comfortable with your lover, colleagues or family by choosing a private trip to Madagascar.

Guaranteed departures to Madagascar

We have some guaranteed departures to Madagascar, the tours are always linked or combined with our cultural tours such as the Sambatra ceremony or circumcision in Mananjary, the Donia festival in Nosy Be, Fitampoha ceremony or sakalava bath of relics in Belo-sur-Tsiribihina, Whales Festival in Ste Marie or Nosy Boraha and Famadihana or the turning of the dead in the highlands of Madagascar.

Local tour company in Madagascar

Tsaraventura is a local tour operator in Madagascar.

In general it is a local tour company in Madagascar because more than 50% of its customers are direct even though it has some European, Indian and Asian issuing agencies. So far, we have felt better those who make direct because more direct the customers, more the deadlines of the budgets between direct and indirect will go instantly to the local population and increase in volume their offers.