Travel to Madagascar

Travel to Madagascar

Travel to Madagascar. When we talk about travel to Madagascar, the big island of Madagascar has its essentials and touristic potentialities. An island of discovery travels, adventure travels and culture travels. A unique nature sanctuary with a high endemism rate either land or sea. Also, the amazing geological formations, welcoming people, the seaside resorts of Madagascar incite travelers to travel in Madagascar with several touristic activities such as the gastronomy, solidarity, the trekking, the climbing, the canyoning, the acro branch, the speleology, surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, sailing, cruising, fishing, diving, base jumping, equestrian, mountain biking, quad, 4WD raid, paragliding, parachuting, ulm-paramotor and hot-air ballooning.

Trip by Vezo outrigger canoe, from the highland to the west and Morondava to Toliara tour

Trip by Vezo outrigger canoe, from the highland to the west and Morondava to Toliara tour



This trip in the seaside takes you along the Vezo lagoons, which are protected by coral reefs from Morombe to Anakao. The tour allows you to discover the entire Madagascar south-west coast from Morondava to Toliara. The Vezo is an ethnic group called the nomadics of the sea with whom you will meet during your journey. Adventure tour is done by vezo outrigger canoe and its duration depends on the wind but it is necessary to envisage a week. The coast offers you decorated landscapes of dreams, wild creeks, turquoise lagoons, dunes and white sandy beaches. We lift the sail to Morondava and go for an adventure under the wind, through Belo-sur-Mer, Andranopasy and Morombe. Then continue on Andavadaoka, Salary and Ifaty one of the best seaside resort of the south of Madagascar. The boatmen will help you lead the seafood hunt with their inherited methods.

Pass by Antananarivo-Antsirabe-Miandrivazo-Morondava-Morondava-Belo Sur Mer-Andranopasy-Morombe-Andavadaoka-Salary-Ifaty-Toliara

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Departure city








Adventure tour



April to November



Day 1: Antananarivo / Antsirabe

To start travel, departure  to Antsirabe or the city of water, a city of colonial architecture with its beautiful avenue, its hot spring water, and multicolored rickshaws, through Ambatolampy a city recognized by the recycling of aluminum.

People, culture, landscapes, some visits of local craftsmen, city tour by rickshaws allowed.

Night at the hotel

Day 2: Antsirabe / Miandrivazo

On the way to Miandrivazo which is a big village provider of dry seeds because of its highest heat wave in Madagascar.

People, culture, visit of artisans made gold

Night at the hotel

Day 3: Miandrivazo / Morondava

After breakfast, drive to Morondava, the capital of Menabe. People are traders and fishermen. You arrive at the right time because you will also enjoy watching the sunset in the avenue of baobabs in the evening.

People, culture, baobabs

Night at the hotel

Day 4 to Day 9: Morondava / Belo Sur Mer / Andranopasy / Morombe / Andavadaoka / Salary / Ifaty

Early in the morning, you will throw the Vezo traditional canoe  in the Mozambique Channel to go along the coast to Ifaty. We raise the sail and follow the rhythm of the wind.

Dhow construction, typical landscapes, lagoons, baobabs, wild coves, fishermen hunting, coastal villages, traditional Vezo canoe, beaches, diving…

Night camping in the second and nights at the hotel left over

Day 10: Ifaty

Quiet day in Ifaty and in the meantime you have a guided tour of the Za park.

Baobabs, birds, beach, diving allowed

Night at the hotel

Day 11: Ifaty / Toliara or Tulear

On the way to Toliara a bustling city you will buy souvenirs.

Visit the marine station with its living fossil fish, the little sea tricks…

Night at the hotel

Day 12: Toliara / Antananarivo

Transfer to the airport of Tuléar and flight to Antananarivo

Night at the hotel

Day 13: Antananarivo / Airport

After some shopping, transfer to Ivato International Airport.

End of circuit

Or visitors would like to extend their stay or tour by combining them with other activities or excursions




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