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Madagascar is very rich in biodiversity

Off the beaten track?

Numerous way of life and cultures

Avenue of baobabs

Be among the millions of people who have visited the majestic forest of baobab trees or « reniala »

Malagasy Highland

The highland of Madagascar symbolizes the red island with its the red earth

Trip down river in Madagascar

You have plenty of choices to make trip down river in Madagascar

Amazing geological formation

World heritage of Tsingy of Bemaraha

Madagascar naturally

Come and experience the authenticity of nature

Day excursions

3 days visit of Antsirabe, the vicinities and 3 lakes
The Anjohibe caves explorer
3 days visit of Tsingy of Bemaraha
Andasibe 3 days
3 days visit of Antsirabe, the vicinities and 3 lakes

3 days visit of Antsirabe, the vicinities and 3 lakes

Antsirabe and its beautiful avenue is a lovely colonial architecture town that you will stay in three days; one can call it as a town of water due to its thermal spring water and in the vicinity. The town is famous for semi-precious and precious stones. People is farmer so you could profit about vegetables and fruits. In the surroundings its three lakes with them stories wait for your visit. Finaly the town offers you several original workshops. Read More


The Anjohibe caves explorer

The Anjohibe caves explorer

Anjohibe caves couldn’t stop caving people or only passionate even road leading there is too bad more than 60kms. While three days, the place offers you water falls, numerous sifaka lemur families where you feel in the middle of nature. It seems that there is a link between caves and the ocean. Hiking, expedition, swimming allowed, fauna and flora.

3 days visit of Tsingy of Bemaraha

3 days visit of Tsingy of Bemaraha

Tsingy of Bemaraha is included in the world heritages by unesco. One of the best touristic sites in Madagascar, this site is not able to be find nowhere with its karts limestone like cathedrals up to 300m high. The national park Tsingy of Bemaraha offers you canyons, breathtaking view, climbing, hiking, fauna and flora including more than 10 species of lemurs, birds, bats, reptiles, mangooses, euphorbia, pachypodium…   Coming back to Morondava, you will visit Sacred Baobab, Baobabs in love and not to forget the Alley of Baobabs with its wonderful sunset.

Andasibe 3 days

Andasibe 3 days

In the eastern part of Madagascar at the heart of rainforest localizes Andasibe where we can admire the biggest lemur in the world. You will visit Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Analamazaotra Special Reserve and the private park of Vakona forest lodge. Andasibe is home to several endemic species such as varieties of lemurs, orchids, birds, reptiles; a sacred mountains that delighted cries of the famous Indri or babakoto. Read More

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