Madagascar Coronavirus Covid-19

Madagascar Coronavirus

No country is not immuned to the Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic and this causes a lot of losses, mainly at the economic field. The tertiary sector was the first victim of Covid-19 or Coronavirus. In addition, it is the key sector for a good economic development of a country.

Until now, Madagascar coronavirus cases continue to multiply even though it seems that the latter has a slow contamination in the big island. Despite this, the covid-19 pandemic in Madagascar is affecting the tourism sector very hard and all tourism stakeholders in Madagascar are currently unemployed. Meetings were held by the Ministry of Tourism for a revival of tourism in Madagascar starting with national tourism as forecast this year. But the chance is little to carry out the project because the pandemic is spreading little by little in all the regions of Madagascar.

Face to this, the tourist forecast in Madagascar after coronavirus will be the year 2021 according to studies.

With a little luck the revival of tourism in Madagascar in 2021 is a new beginning after an involuntary relaxation unless tourists will not come until 2022 according to what their countries have suffered and not to mention the negative balance sheets caused by the covid-19 pandemic