To do in Nosy Be Madagascar

The island of Nosy Be Madagascar called also the Island of Perfumes or Big Nosy, is located in the north-west of Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel and lies between the Mitsio and Radama archipelagos. It is the beautiful beaches of Nosy Be that make it famous and the satellite islands that surround it and which constitute an important terrestrial and marine biodiversity. Nosy Be is one of the paradisiacal islands of Madagascar which is almost always sunny about 340 days a year. Nosy Be is a place of relaxation and offers a wide choice of tourist activities almost everywhere. In this authentic place of « Nosy Be », each tour company or local tour operator of Nosy Be offers its own formula and tour in Nosy Be or Nosy Be itinerary to fully satisfy tourists and make a success of their trip, vacation, excursion or stay in Nosy Be.

Nosy Be offers various themes and activities such as culture, nature and discovery, water sports, quad raid, hiking, horseback riding or cycling, visiting parks, trekking, robinson crusoe, fishing , go out by boat, dive and cruise, honeymoon or just have a good stay in Nosy Be in a beautiful quality hotels or resorts.

The best of Nosy Be:

The Waterfall, Ylang-ylang Plantation, The Sacred Tree, The Mont Passot, The Indian village, Vertigo of Marodoka village, Fishermen’s Village of Ambatozavavy, Nosy Komba or the lemur island, Nosy Tanihely or the island of small land, Nosy Iranja or the island of Turtles, The Bay of Russians, Nosy Radama, Nosy Sakatia or the island of orchids, The donia Nosy Be festival…

List of parks and reserves of Nosy Be: