Travel conditions in Madagascar and reopening of boarders


After a long lockdown period between countries due to the covid-19 pandemic or coronavirus, many are thirsty to travel and discover Madagascar.

UD April 10, 2022

According to the last Council of Ministers, from the date of April 9, 2022, five Madagascar airports can be in service and welcome international and regional flights.

Tananarive or Antananarivo airport (TNR),

Hell Ville or Nosy Be Airport (NOS),

Majunga or Mahajanga Airport (MJN),

Tamatave or Toamasina airport (TMM) and

Diégo Suarez or Antsiranana airport (DIE).

In this case, the Madagascar airline and six other airlines including Air France, Air Mauritius, Air Austral, Ewa Air, Neos, Ethiopian Airlines are authorized to operate flights so far to Madagascar and from Madagascar.

Commercial flights:

Air Madagascar: Antananarivo/Paris

Air France: Antananarivo/Paris

Ewa Air:Dzaoudzi/Diego, Dzaoudzi/Mahajanga, Dzaoudzi/Nosy Be

Air Austral: Reunion/Antananarivo, Reunion/Nosy Be, Reunion/Toamasina

Air Mauritius: Antananarivo/Mauritius

Charter flights:

Neos: Nosy Be/Italy

Cargo flight:

Ethiopian Airlines: Addis Ababa/Antananarivo

Source: Ministry of Transport and Meteorology (April 9, 2022)

UD March 31, 2022

The Council of Ministers of March 30, 2022 took new measures relating to the health conditions of travel to Madagascar from the previous Council of Ministers of March 5, 2022. This is done not only to accelerate trade from to one country to another but also above all to strengthen the health barrier against COVID-19.

With several ongoing collaborations, the Malagasy authority now aims to increase the frequency of international flights and reduce the prices of plane tickets to and from Madagascar.

Mandatory confinement on arrival at Madagascar airport has been suspended

The passenger must show a negative result of a PCR test before boarding

The passenger must perform an antigen test upon arrival at the airport

The passenger is free and can immediately travel in the event of a negative result

The passenger will be placed in an approved establishment or hotel for 7-day confinement

Other arrangements

Resumption of flights joining Reunion/Antananarivo, Reunion/Toamasina and Reunion/Nosy Be

Resumption of flights connecting Mayotte/Antananarivo, Mayotte/Mahajanga and Mayotte/Nosy Be/Antsiranana,

Resumption of flights between Madagascar/Mauritius and Madagascar/France via Turkish Airlines soon

Resumption of flights connecting Addis Ababa / Antananarivo by Ethiopian Airlines very soon as well as the link with South Africa


UD March 6, 2022

The total reopening of the Malagasy borders in the face of covid-19 and the global health situation, the interdepartmental council affirms that for the moment, only three airports of madagascar can receive commercial flights including Antananarivo airport, Toamasina airport and the Nosy Be airport. The landing conditions on the borders of Madagascar are put in place through meetings, studies and council of Ministers.

Request the landing sheet

Source: Joint press release from the Ministry of Transport and Meteorology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Tourism of March 5, 2022


Negative result of an Rt-PCR test

Passenger must present a negative result of an Rt-PCR test carried out 72 hours before boarding.

Rt-PCR test on arrival

The passenger is obliged to carry out an Rt-PCR test on arrival at Madagascar airport, the procedures will be at the expense of the traveler (23€) but the airline companies have the project to include these charges in the plane ticket.

Lockdown Commitment Letter

While waiting for the result of the Rt-PCR test, the traveler must present the confinement commitment letter.

Request the commitment letter

In case of positive result after Rt-PCR test

The traveler will be confined for 14 days in a receptive hotel establishment at his expense.

Ask for the list of receptive hotels

Reservation certificate for 2 nights

The traveler must present a reservation certificate for 2 nights for confinement and a payment invoice for a hotel room for at least 1 night.

APT/HTL transfers

The incoming hotel, the Ministry of Transport, approved taxis organize themselves and offer Airport/Hotel transfer services by shuttle or others. The transfer will be the responsibility of the traveler.

Completion of a follow-up and travel form

The traveler will fill out a follow-up and travel form after confinement.