Zafimaniry Antoetra trekking tour


The Zafimaniry trekking allows you to discover the Zafimaniry people and them way of life, they are intelligent, a whole tribe who has inherited know-how unique in the world. The zafimaniry art of carved wood is an atypical architectural style of the habitat of these villagers. Now Zafimaniry art is classified Madagascar world cultural heritage of UNESCO, a sacred original craft, a must-see place, which offers you a stage both cultural and sports.


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Day 1: Antananarivo / Ambositra

On the way to Ambositra, passing through Antsirabe a city of colonial architecture. Arrived in Ambositra we already find some exhibitions of carved wood in stores.

People, culture, landscapes

Overnight hotel accommodation

Day 2: Ambositra / Antoetra / Sakaivo

Beginning of the hike from 5 to 6 hours walk from the village of Antoetra. Go through forests, Catholic construction that was a rocky platform before, but it was formed into a large cross and not to forget the beautiful view.

Overnight bivouac

Day 3: Sakaivo / Ankidodo

Continue the hike for 6 to 7 hours through rice fields and some forests before arriving at Tetezandotra, a village of sculptors. And further afield are Vohitrandriana, an other steep zafimaniry village with a beautiful view and Faliarivo. To end the day, go down to the village of Ankidodo where you will spend the night at the camping site.

Overnight bivouac

Day 4: Ankidodo / Ifasina / Antoetra / Ambositra

A last step of 5 to 6 hours of walking. Pass through mountains and valleys to regain Antoetra via some original villages and typically zafimaniry especially the village of Ifasina.

Overnight hotel accomodation

Day 5: Ambositra / Antananarivo

Back to Antananarivo

End of the tour