Madagascar big soth tour, from Toliara to Fort Dauphin or Taolagnaro

Madagascar big soth tour, from Toliara to Fort Dauphin or Taolagnaro



The first part of the tour more than 2 weeks reveals the beauty of the southern part of Madagascar, a mixture of culture and ethnicity. From Tulear to Fort Dauphin, Vezo, Antandroy, Mahafaly then Antanosy. All along the coast, wonderful sites, Mahafaly tombs and Antandroy tombs illustrate the journey, know-how, local artisans are worth visiting. The second part offers the south-east coast, a sudden change of dry vegetation in wet. A track event by crossing a dozen ferry-boats crossings. The coast suggests clove, coffee and vanilla plantations; local craftsmen, baskets, mats … Arriving at Manakara a last and third part, go on traditional canoe on the Pangalanes channel by discovering the Antemoro fischermen and their way of life. And to finalize the trip, an ascent to the highland, through Ranomafana and Tanala villages or those of the forest and the Betsileo ethnic group.

Pass by Toliara-Anakao-Nosy Ve-Itamploalo-Lavanono-Berenty-Fort Dauphin ou Taolanaro-Manantenina-Vangaindrano-Farafangana-Manakara-Ranomafana-Antsirabe-Antananarivo


Departure city








Adventure tour



May to November


Day 1: Toliara

Arrivé à Toliara ou Tuléar,

Toliara city tour

Overnight at the hotel

Day 2: Toliary / Anakao

Transfer by boat to Anakao, an authentic fishing village protected by coral reefs.

People and culture, visit of Nosy Ve, swimming allowed

Overnight at the hotel

Day 3: Anakao / Itampolo

Early in the morning, go to Itampolo with its beautiful beach.

People, culture

Overnight gite

Day 4: Itampolo / Lavanono

To go to Lavanono, a surfers’ site because of the good waves, a very long road on track, a beautiful stage in 4WD. While passing by Ampanihy, visit of artisans of mohair carpets. Picnic lunch

Overnight ecolodge

Day 5: Lavanono

Guided tour of the Cap Ste Marie Special Reserve with its fauna and flora typical of the region.

Whale watching in September, October and November allowed

Overnight ecolodge

Day 6: Lavanono / Berenty

Finished the track decorated by mahafaly and antandroy tombs , guided tour of the Berenty Nature Reserve, A stage nature, visit the plantations of sisal

Overnight cottage

Day 7: Berenty/ Fort Dauphin

Up to there vegetation landscapes and climate are changed.

People, culture

Overnight at the hotel

Day 8: Fort Dauphin

Lokaro bay, day of idleness, discovery of virgin islands, fishing villages.

Overnight at the hotel

Day 9: Fort Dauphin / Manantenina

Early in the morning, departure to Manantenina with  its passages of 5 ferryboats, picnic food

Overnight gite

Day 10: Manantenina / Vangaindrano

After the early breakfast, continue  till Vangaindrano by crossing 5 other ferries. Picnic lunch

Plantation of clove and coffee

Overnight at the hotel

Day 11: Vangaindrano / Farafangana

On the way to Farafangana passing by vanilla plantations

People and cultures

Overnight at the hotel

Day 12: Farafangana / Manakara

Passing through Vohipeno, local craftsmen, baskets, mats, market

Overnight at the hotel

Day 13: Manakara

A day trip by traditional dugout canoe in the Pangalanes channel by visiting some activities of the canal fishermen, a stop on the hole of the commissioner, natural swimming pool …

Canoe, history, nepenthes orchids, swimming allowed

Overnight at the hotel

Day 14: Manakara/ Ranomafana

Visit guided of Madagascar National Park which is a tropical forest. One of the most visited park in Madagascar.

Hiking in the Ranomafana park

Overnight at the hotel

Day 15: Ranomafana/ Antsirabe

A long road deserves an early start, Join to Antsirabe an architectural town and renown by its thermal spring water.

People and culture

Overnight at the hotel

Day 16 : Antsirabe/ Antananarivo

Go to join Antananarivo and have a visit Aluminium foundries of Ambatolampy in the half way and arriving in Antananarivo, visit guided of Rova  of Ambohimanga, one of the 12 sacred hills  of Antananarivo, a world cultural heritage by unesco. The village of Ambohimanga that has not known a big change since royal times.

Ambohimanga Rova heritage, history

Overnight at the hotel

Day 17: Antananarivo/ Ivato airport

Transfer to the airport

End of the circuit

Or visitors would like to extend their stay or tour by combining them with other activities or excursions



Services included

Reception of our representatives at the airport

Assistance from our representative during your stay

All transfers by private air-conditioned car


One way transfer by boat Toliary / Anakao

Boat Transfers Lokaro Bay Fort Dauphin

11 crossed in bins

16 nights of bed and breakfast accommodation according to the program

English or french speaking tour guide

Picnic lunches Day 4- 9 and 10

All taxes and charges are included in the package

Tickets to enter all the sites mentioned in the itinerary

Local guides

APT / HTL and HTL/APT transfers


Visa of stay in Madagascar


Personal need


Other activities not mentioned above



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