Madagascar north tour, from Antananarivo to Diégo Suarez, Antsiranana

Madagascar north tour, from Antananarivo to Diégo Suarez, Antsiranana



This Madagascar north tour from Antananarivo to Diégo Suarez allows you to discover all the northern part of Madagascar in two weeks, from the highland Antananarivo to the northern top Antsiranana or Diego Suarez. The 15 days trip in Madagascar reveals the beauty of the scented landscapes of the north. The national park of Ankarafantsika reveals you its dense forest deciduous, then Mahajanga or Majunga, a city of architecture at the same time colonial, Indian and Muslim. After that, continue by joining Nosy Be or the island to the perfun, its miraculous seabed and its beautiful satellite islands that one can visit some of them. Apart from these, you will continue to the north through Sambirano valley with its huge plantation of cocoa and Tsingy d’Ankarana a special reserve known for its amazing cathedral-like massifs and Red Tsingy. To finalize the northern madagascar tour, Antsiranana offers you activities and panoramic views of its second largest bay in the world.

Pass by Antananarivo-Ankarafantsika-Mahajanga or Majunga-Ankify-Nosy Be-Mahamasina-Ankarana-Red Tsingy-Antsiranana or Diégo Suarez-Antananarivo


Departure city


Duration Type Axis Level availability
15 days/14nights Discovery North 1 All year


Day 1: Arrived in Antananarivo
Transfer and installation at the hotel
Night at the hotel
Day 2: Antananarivo / Ankarafantsika
On the way to the north with its beautiful landscapes that link more villages with them own way of life.
Highlights: People, culture, landscapes …
Day 3: Ankarafantsika
Guided tour of the Ankarafantsika Special Reserve which is a dense dry deciduous forest.
Highlights: Rosewoods, The great flamboyant, Dwarf Baobabs, Lemurs …
Wink: Visit of Ankarafantsika NP
Day 4: Ankarafantsika / Mahajanga
On the way to Mahajanga which is a city recognized by its cosmopolitan architecture.
Highlights: Landscapes, panoramas …
Day 5: Mahajanga
After a visit of the city, departure for the red circus.
Highlights: Cosmopolitan people, culture, architecture, crafts, panorama, swimming …
Wink: Red circus, hiking
Day 6: Mahajanga / Ankify
Early departure for a long road leading to Ankify, a fishing village, the place of embarkation to Nosy Be.
Highlights: People, culture, history …
Day 7: Ankify / Nosy Be
Departure for Nosy Be or the « Island perfumed » with its aromatic plants, beaches, fauna and flora.
Visit of Lokobe Natural Reserve.
Highlights: People, culture, endemic wildlife…
Wink: Visit the Lokobe Island
Day 8: Nosy Be
On the way to Mont Passot with its sacred crater lakes.
Highlights: Sacred Lakes
Wink: Visit of the satellite islands and diving allowed

Day 9: Nosy Be / Mahamasina
Departure for Mahamasina, where the Ankarana National Park is located with its massive karstic limestone
Highlights: Discovery of the Antakarana Kingdom
Day 10: Visit of Ankarana national park
Guided tour of the amazing massifs of the Ankarana NP, with its very dry vegetation.
Highlights: Euphorbia, Pachypodiums, canyons, cave, endemic lemurs of the region, bats…
Wink: Hiking
Day 11: Mahamasina / Antsiranana (Diégo Suarez)
Continue on road to Antsiranana which is a city always appeared formerly colonized. Pass by red Tsingy.
Highlights: visit of red Tsingy, people, culture, architecture, crafts …
Day 12: Antsiranana
Guided tour of the Montagne des Français or French mountain  with a panoramic view of the second largest bay in the world after Rio.
Highlights: Baobabs, orchids, panoramas, swimming …
Wink: Climbing alowed
Day 13: Antsiranana
Departure for the emerald sea, a beautiful sandy beach, a day under the sun and idleness
Highlight: Swimming, sun …
Wink: Relaxation
Day 14: Antsiranana / Antananarivo
Flight to Antananarivo
Day 15: Antananarivo / Ivato Airport
After shoping souvenirs, transfer to Ivato airport
End of the tour

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