Madagascar north tour, the assets of Nosy Be and Diégo Suarez

Madagascar north tour, the assets of Nosy Be and Diégo Suarez


The assets of Diégo Suarez and Nosy Be

This seaside discovery tour is part of the 10 days tour in Madagascar.

This northern itinerary of Madagascar in the Nosy Be and Diégo Suarez or Antsiranana region makes you discover the essentials of the northern part of Madagascar. To start the journey, set off from Nosy Be to discover the Tsingy of Ankarana and its astonishing massifs in the shape of cathedrals. Then go to Diégo Suarez, the land of bays and lagoons, passing through Tsingy Rouge. Walks, landscapes, swimming, beaches and many other activities await you in Sakalava Bay, Pigeons Bay, Dunes Bay and the Emerald Sea. Then, returning to Ankify, take a mountain bike ride in the Sambirano Valley in the middle of green landscapes for a visit to the plantations of cocoa, coffee, vetiver, vanilla, ylang-ylang, pepper…a whole state of vegetation that makes you feel the natural aroma. Finally, in Nosy Be, visit the Lokobe reserve and the possibility of a getaway to Nosy Sakatia and other activities. The beautiful view of Mont Passot offers you a panorama and the view of the lakes of Nosy Be. And to spice up the Nosy Be Diégo northern circuit, greet Nosy Iranja or Turtle Island, a jewel in the northern part of Madagascar.

Pass by Nosy Be-Ankify-Ankarana-Diégo Suarez-3 baies de Diégo-Mer d’émeraude-Sambirano-Ambanja-Ankify-Nosy Be

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Departure city

Nosy Be

Duration Type Axis Level Availability
10 days/9 nights Seaside-discovery North 1 All the year



Day1: Arrival at Nosy Be airport

Nosy Be airport reception

Transfer to the hotel

Transfer to the hotel where you will spend your night 

Day 2: Nosy Be / Ankify / Mahamasina (150 km)

Crossing Nosy Be to Ankify fishermen village by speedboat in 45 minutes. Then, leave to reach Mahamasina where the Tsingy of Ankarana or Ankarana National Park is located.

Green and flavored landscapes (cocoa, coffee, vetiver, vanilla, ylang-ylang, pepper, etc.), people, culture

Overnight at the Lodge

Day 3: Visit of Ankarana National Park

Guided tour in Ankarana National Park. On the way to discover the Tsingy of Ankarana which is a limestone rock massif in the shape of a cathedral. A hike of 3h to 3h30mn depending on the performance.

Assets of Ankarana National Park:

Mandresy caves, endemic lemurs of the northern region (coronatus lemurs), fauna and flora, fruit bats of Madagascar or Madagascar flying fox bat, panoramas, viewpoints, ankarana loss of water…

Overnight at the Lodge  

Day 4: Mahamasina / Diego Suarez or Antsiranana (165km)

On the way to Diégo Suarez and do not forget the visit of the Red Tsingy ou Tsingy Rouge located 1 hour from the National Road 6.

Tsingy Rouge, landscapes, people and culture

Overnight at the Hotel 

Day 5: The 3 bays of Diégo Suarez

On the way by car in around 45 minutes to discover the 3 bays of Diégo Suarez.

The bays of Diégo Suarez offer you magnificent landscapes. Walk from 2h to 2h30mn along the coast starting with the Bay of Sakalava, then the Bay of Pigeons and the short coastal hike ends in the Bay of the dunes.

Coastal walk, discoveries, exchanges, people and culture

Overnight at the Hotel 

Day 6: The Emerald Sea or Mer d’eméraude

Transfer by car or dhow from Diégo Suarez to this immense lagoon.

Beach, diving, natural aquarium, lunch on the beach…

Overnight at the Hotel

Day 7: Diego Suarez / Ambanja / Ankify (215 km)

Go early for the Diégo Suarez Ankify path and before reaching the Ankify embarkation point, make a visit of Sambirano Valley by mountain bike with its large plantations of ylang-ylang, coffee, vanilla, vetiver, pepper and especially the famous cocoa plantation of Madagascar.

Mountain biking, landscapes, discoveries

Overnight at the Lodge 

Day 8: Ankify / Nosy Be

Crossed Ankify Nosy Be in 45 minutes by speedboat.

Then, on the way to the Lokobe Strict Nature Reserve, a well-deserved detour.

Hiking, some species of lemurs

Free afternoon or Nosy Sakatia getaway possible

Overnight at the hotel 

Day 9: Nosy Be Mont Passot

Visit of Mont-passot, the summit of Nosy Be which offers a beautiful view of the lakes. Then, discovery of Nosy Iranja or the turtle island which is one of the satellite islands of Nosy Be.

Or the opposite

The Nosy Iranja satellite island and then Mont-Passot’s sunset

Panoramas, landscapes, Nosy Be paradise islet

Robinson and diving, dolphins and whales watching in nosy be allowed.

Dolphins and whales watching period in Nosy Be: From August until the end of the year but the high season remains October and November

Overnight at the hotel 

Day 10: Nosy Be

Free day

Strolling, beach, crafts, shopping…

Transfer to the airport

End of the Nosy Be Diego Suarez circuit

Here, we suggest above a tour model of Nosy Be tour and Diego Suarez tour still modifiable because the North of Madagascar offers a wide choice of touristic activities and themed travel.


– Visits of the reserves, more nosy be touristic sites, craftsmen, exchanges with the locals

– Tour of Nosy Be by boat

– Visit of the surrounding islands of Nosy Be

Mitsio Archipelago (Nosy TsaraBanjina, Quatre Frères, Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Ankarea), Radama Archipelago, Nosy Fanihy, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Raty, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Komba

– Deep sea fishing

– Diving stay

– Whale Safari

– Cruise stay to Diégo Suarez

– Cruise stay to Majunga

– Kite surfing and wind surfing

– Walk and hike


– Equestrian

– Quad…


– The mountain of Amber

– The beautiful beach of Ramena

– The Nosy Be mountain of the French or Montagne des Français

– Go kite-surfing and windsurfing in Baobaomby

– Joffre Ville


– Boat trip

– Fishing

– Quad…


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Stay in Toliara, Toliara excursion, Toliara and surroundings


In these visits of Toliara and surroundings, Tsaraventura Madagascar Tour Operator makes you discover the detours and essentials of Toliara that culture than nature. A sunny place almost the year, rich in colors and atmospheres. This Toliara seaside stay tour offers you alternative activities and do not miss the beautiful beaches of Ifaty, Mangily and Anakao.

Pass by Banian of Miary-Antsokay Arboretum-Mahafaly Museum-Sea Museum-Ifaty-Mangily-Baobab forests or Reniala-Anakao-Nosy Ve


Departure city


Duration Type Axis Level Availability
10days/9nigts Discovery Seaside South-west 1 All the year


Day 1: Arrival in Toliara

Greeting at the airport of Toliara

Installation at the Hotel Hyppocampoor similar


Day 2: Toliara

On the way to discover the Banian of Miary of Toliara or Tuléar with its sacred trees. Then, leave about 12 kms from Tulear to visit the Antsokay Arboretum. This arboretum is a botanical park including a wide selection of vegetation from the semi-arid south of Madagascar.

Wink: Visit of Antsokay Arboretum including the endemic flora and fauna of southern Madagascar.

Overnight accommodation at the Hotel Hyppocampoor similar


Day 3: Tulear / Ifaty

Make some visits in Tulear before joining the seaside resort of Ifaty, one of the famous seaside resorts in Madagascar and also one of the best beaches of Madagascar.

Wink: Visits of the Mahafaly museum and museum of the sea or the marine station, history, culture, living fossil fish of Madagascar.

Overnight accommodation at the hotel Princess du Lagon or similar


Day 4: Ifaty

Visit the Baobab Forest of Ifaty or Reniala

Wink: Baobabs, birds, lemurs, zebu cart ride allowed…

Overnight accommodation at the Hotel Princesse du Lagonor similar


Day 5/6: Ifaty

Enjoy the beach of Ifaty

Wink: Relaxing, rest, beach…

Deep sea fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving, robinson allowed

Overnight accommodation at the Princesse du Lagon hotel or similar


Day 7: Ifaty / Toliara / Anakao

Go back to Tulear and have transfer by speedboat for the path Toliara Anakao where the sea nomads or Vezo fishermen congregate.

Installation at the Hotel Prince Anakao or similar

Then go by traditional vezo pirogue for a picnic day on the authentic island of Nosy Ve which is also a nesting place for birds.

Swimming allowed


Day 8/9: Anakao

Enjoy the beach of Anakao

Wink: Authentic landscapes, rest, beach…

Activities in anakao: Cruise and visit of National ParkTsimanampetsotsa allowed, stolling untill pirate cemetery.

Overnight accommodation at the Hotel Prince Anakao or similar


Day 10: Anakao / Toliara

Go back to Toliara by speedboat.

Purchase of souvenirs in sea garden of Toliara or jardin de la mer and other shops of souvenirs even in Toliara

Day Use at Serena Hotel or similar

Transfer to the airport


End of the tour


Madagascar south tour or RN7 tour, from Antananarivo to Toliara

Madagascar south tour or RN7 tour, from Antananarivo to Toliara


Madagascar south tour or RN7 tour, from Antananarivo to Toliara

This Madagascar south tour or the more common is « rn7 tour » offers you the beauty of the landscapes and culture varieties from Antananarivo the midle highland to the south to Toliara with its way of life, customs and colors. Pass through Antsirabe colonial town and Ambositra the Zafimaniry’s arts or carved wood artisans. Then you continue to visit Ranomafana national parc, one of the best tropical forests and beautiful parks in madagascar Following that,  Have city tour in Fianarantsoa, the capital of the Betsileo ethnic, sahambavy tea plantation and local wine provider. Continue to follow this rn7 tour, pass by a well known village by silk breeding and the manufactured Antemoro paper in Ambalavao. Then, visit of the Anja reserve, a villagers association. In addition, visit the famous and have hiking in Isalo national park with its amazing sandstone massifs. To finalize the RN7 itinerary to Toliara, pass by Antsokay arboretum and have some visits and city tour which are worth seeing in Toliara that is the capital of the south-west before joining the seaside resort of Ifaty.

Passing by Antananarivo-Ambatolampy-Antsirabe-Ambositra- Ranomafana-Fianarantsoa-Ambalavao-Ihosy-Ranohira-Ilakaka-Toliara-Ifaty

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Departure city


Duration Type Axis Level availability
10 jours/9nuits Discovery South 1 All year


Day 1: Antananarivo / Antsirabe

Departure for the south trip of Madagascar. Go to Antsirabe or the city of water, Antsirabe is famous due to its hot spring water and its colonial architecture town and not to mention its typical handicrafts and markets of semi-precious and precious stones.

Highlights: ambatolampy aluminium foundries, people, culture, colonial architecture…

Wink: City tour in Antsirabe, semi-precious and precious stones museum

Night at the hotel

Day 2: Antsirabe / Ranomafana

Before joining Ranomafana, that is one of the best national parks in madagascar, have a break to visit Ambositra, famous for making carved wood.

Highlights: Terrace rice field, landscapes,…

Wink: Visit of some workshops, zafimaniry arts

Night at the hotel

Day 3: Ranomafana

visit of Ranomafana National Park, a tropical forest which shelters lemurs, frogs, reptiles and rare birds…

Highlights: Endemic flora and fauna

Wink: Convenient hiking and thermal swimming pool allowed

Day 4: Ranomafana / Fianarantsoa

Departure to visit the Sahambavy tea plantation and visit the city of Fianarantsoa in the afternoon.

Highlights: Traditional house, panoramas, crafts, people and culture

Wink: Visit the old town of Fianarantsoa and Sahambavy tea plantation

Night at the hotel

Day 5: Fianarantsoa / Ranohira

Departure for Ranohira via Ambalavao, where is located the 2nd zebu market, have some visits in Ambalavao such as silk and antemoro paper.

Highlights: Crossing south doors, panoramas, antemoro paper …

Wink: Visit of the zebu markets

Night at the hotel

Day 6: Ranohira (Visit the National Park of Isalo)

Departure for a guided tour of the Isalo Park, a sandstone massifs.

Highlights: Pachypodiums, lemurs, aloes, euphorbias, panoramas, natural swimming pools…

Wink: Hiking in the park

Night at the hotel

Day 7: Ranohira / Toliara

On the way to Toliara, where the rn7 from antananarivo to toliara is finished and where still found fossil fish still alive.

Highlights: People, culture, crafts, its great rickshaw, fossil fish …

Wink: Visit of Antsokay arboertum, the marine station

Night at the hotel

Day 8: Toliara / Ifaty

Departure for Ifaty, a seaside resort that contains beautiful beaches with its seabed. Have advantage to visit of baobab forest

Highlights: People, culture, swimming, relaxation, …

Wink: Snorkeling or bottled possible, sighting humpback whales

Whale period: July, August, September

Night at the hotel

J9: Ifaty / Toliary / Antananarivo

Toliary / Antananarivo flight

Night at the hotel

J10: Antananarivo / Airport

Antananarivo city tour, Shop souvenirs

Transfer to the international airport

End of the circuit

Or visitors would like to extend their stay or tour by combining with other activities or excursions




Meet and greet service by our representatives at airports

All transfers by private air-conditioned vehicles

Assistance of our representative during your stay

Accommodation for 9 nights on Bed and Breakfast according to the program

Sightseeing tours in Fianarantsoa (The old town)

English speaking tour guide throughout the tours

Entrance fees to all sites as indicated in the itinerary

English speaking local guides

All service charges and taxes included in the package price

All tansfers APT / HTL and HTL / APT


Entry visa to Madagascar

Any optional tours


Personal spending


Any other item not mentioned above


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East tour Andasibe, Pangalanes Canal and escapade Ste Marie

East tour Andasibe, Pangalanes Canal and escapade Ste Marie


East tour Andasibe, Pangalanes channel and escapade Sainte Marie

This Madagascar east tour is one of the most popular classic tours of Madagascar. This discovery trip to Madagascar allows you to discover the capital of Antananarivo and all the green cliffs up to the east coast and with an escape to Ste Marie Island. Go through the reptile reserve in Peyrieras, then, visit Andasibe which is home to the famous Indri-Indri lemurs and not to forget Vakona Forest reserve. Join Akanin’ny Nofy or the nest of dream via the Pangalanes Canal (Canal des Pangalanes)  to visit to the Palmarium reserve. And then, win Tamatave, the largest city of the eastern part of Madagascar and continue to Mahambo where you take the boat to Ste Marie. The islandof Ste Marie or Nosy Boraha is an authentic island of Madagascar with its heaven beaches deserving a rest and relaxation.

Pass by Antananarivo-Andasibe-Manambato-Akanin’ny Nofy or Palmarium-Toamasina or Tamatave-Mahavelona or Foulpointe-Mahambo-Sainte Marie island-Ile aux Nattes-Antananarivo

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Departure city











All the year


Day 1: Antananarivo / Andasibe

In the eastern part of Madagascar, in the heart of the rainforest lies Andasibe. Go through Peyrieras private reserve whose reptiles from the smallest to the largest are collected.

Landscapes, visit guided of the Peyrieras Reserve, Night walk in Andasibe

Overnight accommodation

Day 2: visit of Andasibe

Departure for a visit of Andasibe Analamazaotra Reserve where one can see the largest lemurs in Madagascar or the famous Babakoto or Indri-indri. In the afternoon, have visit of Vakona forest including Lemurs Island and Crocodiles Park. Here lemurs are hospitable.

Fauna and flora, the largest lemur indri, rare birds, several kinds of orchid species…

Overnight accommodation

Day 3: Andasibe / Manambato / Akanin’ny Nofy

Go on road to Manambato and reach Akanin’ny Nofy by boat transfer or the nest of dream which is a magical place, a park with both botanical and lemurs.

Pangalanes Canal authentic villages, landscapes, night walk to see aye-aye lemurs of Palmarium

Overnight accommodation

Day 4: Akanin’ny Nofy / Tamatave

Visit guided of the palmarium reserve before joining Tamatave or Toamasina the second city and the first port of Madagascar.

By car or Boat transfer via Pangalanes Canal

Other varieties of lemurs, people and culture

Overnight accommodation

Day 5: Toamasina / Mahavelona / Mahambo

On the road to join Foulpointe or Mahavelona which is famous for its beautiful beach.  Mahavelona is an historical place where King Radama built the Fort Mahavelona. Then go to fishermen village of Mahambo and also the pier for the boat to Ste Marie.

Visit guided of Mahavelona Fort, ​​people and culture

Overnight accommodation

Day 6: Mahambo / Ste Marie

On the waves, transfer by boat to Ste Marie, installation at the hotel

Overnight accommodation

Day 7: Ste Marie

Some Ste Marie attractions feasible in 2 days are allowed

The old Eiffel lighthouse, the pirates’ cemetery, Antanandava waterfalls, Ambodiforaha zoological and botanical park, mangrove swamp, swimming in natural pools on the north of the island, visit of Ile au sable and whales safari allowed in June to September

Overnight accommodation

Day 8: Ste Marie / Ile aux Nattes / Ste Marie

A picnic day to enjoy the heaven beaches of Ile aux Nattes or Nosy Nato.

Excursion and Ile aux Nattes tour by pirogue, beaches and swimming

Overnight accommodation

Day 9: Ste Marie / Antananarivo

Shopping souvenirs

Domestic flight to return back Antananarivo

Overnight accommodation

Day 10: Antananarivo / Ambohimanga / Antananarivo

Go to visit the sacred hill of Ambohimanga Rova, one of the sacred hills of Antananarivo which is a place both panoramic and historical.

History, panoramic view, people and culture

Day use at the hotel

Transfer to the airport

End of the circuit



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