Madagascar world heritages of unesco tours

Madagascar world heritages of unesco tours

You could combine two or more Madagascar world heritage tours with other themes

Visit of Ambohimanga Rova sacred hill

Antoetra Zafimaniry trekking tour

Visit of Tsingy of Bemaraha national park

National Park of Ranomafana

Madagascar national roads

RN1: The national starts in Antananarivo in the west direction with its 149kms, it passes by Imerintsiatosika, Arivonimamo, Miarinarivo, Tsiroanomandidy and Belobaka.

RN1a: The secondary road connects Tsiroanomandidy with Maintirano.

RN1b: A 94kms route connecting Analavory, Babetville and Tsiroanomandidy.

RN2: A good road that fixes the capital of Antananarivo with Moramanga, Brickaville and Toamasina or Tamatave. It is measured in 367kms long.

RN3: With its 91kms journey, this road links Antananarivo with the Lac Alaotra  through Anjozorobe.

RN3a: 180kms between Lac Alaotra and Andilamena.

RN3b: A good 106kms road connecting Sambava and Andapa.

RN4: The national road of 570kms is good in general, it connects Antananarivo, Maevatanana and Mahajanga or Majunga.

RN5: This 402kms is a half-good and half-bad road, the first one being good links Toamasina, Mahambo, Fenerive Est or Fenoarivo Antsinanana and Soanierana Ivongo and the second part is bad and connects it to Mananara Nord or Mananara Avaratra and Marantsetra .

RN5a: The 406kms of SAVA track connects Ambilobe, Vohemar, Sambava and Antalaha.

RN6: The national road is more or less good, it passes through Ambondromamy, Port Berger, Antsohihy, Ambanja, Ambilobe and Antsiranana.

RN7: It is the longest national road of 956kms that connects several cities between the capital of Antananarivo and Toliara or Tulear such as Ambatolampy, Antsirabe, Ambositra, Ambohimahasoa, Fianarantsoa, ​​Ambalavao, Ihosy and Sakaraha.

RN8: This national road relies Morondava with Belo sur Tsiribihina and Bekopaka. A track of 185kms and only 15kms road made-up.

RN8a: A very bad road of 119kms linking Antsalova and Maintirano.

RN9: With its 382 kms, this route is typified by sand, but from Morondava to Mandabe is good. Pebbles, salins and sand between Mandabe, Manja, Bevoay, Toliary.


RN10: The national route from the south south of madagascar relie Andranovory, a village of the RN7 near Toliary with Betioky, Ampanihy, Beloha, Tsihombe and Ambovombe. With its 512 km, the route is mauvaise.

RN11: A route that is only 103 kms found between Mananjary and Nosy Varika.

RN11a: The long run of 125km is fine but because of its precipitation, it starts with the creuse of a small part. The Bifurque à Antsapanana to the cliffs of Vatomandry, Ilaka Est and arrive to Mahanoro.

RN12: The national population of 300km relies on the southern part of Madagascar from Iranga to Vangaindrano in the direction of Manakara, Vohipeno and Farafangana.

RN12a: A 258km route with a trail of tracks in bac. This route relies to Taolagnaro or Fort Dauphin, Manantenina, Manambondro and Vangaingrano.

RN13: This nation is secondary with 493km of Ihosy, passing by Betroka, Ambovombe and Amboasary sud to Tolagnaro or faradofay.

RNT19: The route relies to Soalala, Mitsinjo et Katsepy.

RN22: Just 38km from the route between Vavatenina and Fenerive Est or Fenoarivo Atsinanana.

RN24: National relie Mananjary with Vohilava with a journey of 45km.

RN25: The 161km route is fine but there is a part between Ambohimahasoa and Vohiparara is the second and the Vohiparara, Ranomafana, Ifanadiana jusqu’à Irondro is the gold ring. And you are the caretaker of the RN7 PK 355 jusqu’à Mananjary, a fine route of round wheels of 176km.

RN27: The relocation route of 275km relies to Ihosy with Ivohibe and Farafangana.

RN30: A 20-minute drive from the National Park, near Ambanja, is the Carrefour d’Ambalavelona located close to Ankify.

RN30a: A Hellville on the 57, passing through Djamandjary and jusqu’à Andilana. On a 25 km ride.

RN31: About the RN6, this is national relie Antsohihy and Antalaha and 129km.

RN32: Encore sur Antsohihy that bifurcation towards Befandriana Nord and Mandritsara forms this national route in 200km.

RN33: This is a long-distance long route which rarely relies to Ambatondrazaka and Ambondromamy with its 340 kms long.

RN34: 368km of good routes in general, relating Antsirabe with Miandrivazo and Miandrivazo with Malaimbandy.

RN35: The National Route is divided into two steps, one on the track of Ambositra in Malaimbandy and the other in Malaimbandy in Morondava.

RN41: This is a good route of roundabout 41km from Ambositra to Fandriana.

RN42: The national reliever in the city of Fianarantsoa and Ikalamavony.

Madagascar south tour or RN7 tour, from Antananarivo to Toliara

Madagascar south tour or RN7 tour, from Antananarivo to Toliara


This Madagascar south tour or the more common is « rn7 tour » offers you the beauty of the landscapes and culture varieties from Antananarivo the midle highland to the south to Toliara with its way of life, customs and colors. Pass through Antsirabe colonial town and Ambositra the Zafimaniry’s arts or carved wood artisans. Then you continue to visit Ranomafana national parc, one of the best tropical forests and beautiful parks in madagascar Following that,  Have city tour in Fianarantsoa, the capital of the Betsileo ethnic, sahambavy tea plantation and local wine provider. Continue to follow this rn7 tour, pass by a well known village by silk breeding and the manufactured Antemoro paper in Ambalavao. Then, visit of the Anja reserve, a villagers association. In addition, visit the famous and have hiking in Isalo national park with its amazing sandstone massifs. To finalize the RN7 itinerary to Toliara, pass by Antsokay arboretum and have some visits and city tour which are worth seeing in Toliara that is the capital of the south-west before joining the seaside resort of Ifaty.

Passing by Antananarivo-Ambatolampy-Antsirabe-Ambositra- Ranomafana-Fianarantsoa-Ambalavao-Ihosy-Ranohira-Ilakaka-Toliara-Ifaty

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Departure city


Duration Type Axis Level availability
10 jours/9nuits Discovery South 1 All year


Day 1: Antananarivo / Antsirabe

Departure for Antsirabe or the city of water, Antsirabe is famous due to its hot spring water and its colonial architecture town and not to mention its typical handicrafts and markets of semi-precious and precious stones.

Highlights: ambatolampy aluminium foundries, people, culture, colonial architecture…

Wink: City tour in Antsirabe, semi-precious and precious stones museum

Night at the hotel

Day 2: Antsirabe / Ranomafana

Before joining Ranomafana, that is one of the best national parks in madagascar, have a break to visit Ambositra, famous for making carved wood.

Highlights: Terrace rice field, landscapes,…

Wink: Visit of some workshops, zafimaniry arts

Night at the hotel

Day 3: Ranomafana

visit of Ranomafana National Park, a tropical forest which shelters lemurs, frogs, reptiles and rare birds…

Highlights: Endemic flora and fauna

Wink: Convenient hiking and thermal swimming pool allowed

Day 4: Ranomafana / Fianarantsoa

Departure to visit the Sahambavy tea plantation and visit the city of Fianarantsoa in the afternoon.

Highlights: Traditional house, panoramas, crafts, people and culture

Wink: Visit the old town of Fianarantsoa and Sahambavy tea plantation

Night at the hotel

Day 5: Fianarantsoa / Ranohira

Departure for Ranohira via Ambalavao, where is located the 2nd zebu market, have some visits in Ambalavao such as silk and antemoro paper.

Highlights: Crossing south doors, panoramas, antemoro paper …

Wink: Visit of the zebu markets

Night at the hotel

Day 6: Ranohira (Visit the National Park of Isalo)

Departure for a guided tour of the Isalo Park, a sandstone massifs.

Highlights: Pachypodiums, lemurs, aloes, euphorbias, panoramas, natural swimming pools…

Wink: Hiking in the park

Night at the hotel

Day 7: Ranohira / Toliara

On the way to Toliara, where the rn7 from antananarivo to toliara is finished and where still found fossil fish still alive.

Highlights: People, culture, crafts, its great rickshaw, fossil fish …

Wink: Visit of Antsokay arboertum, the marine station

Night at the hotel

Day 8: Toliara / Ifaty

Departure for Ifaty, a seaside resort that contains beautiful beaches with its seabed. Have advantage to visit of baobab forest

Highlights: People, culture, swimming, relaxation, …

Wink: Snorkeling or bottled possible, sighting humpback whales

Whale period: July, August, September

Night at the hotel

J9: Ifaty / Toliary / Antananarivo

Toliary / Antananarivo flight

Night at the hotel

J10: Antananarivo / Airport

Antananarivo city tour, Shop souvenirs

Transfer to the international airport

End of the circuit

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