Senior travel tour Madagascar for senior citizens

Senior travel tour Madagascar, senior citizens tour

Madagascar offers trips for the elderly people among the classic tours almost in all areas.

We present excellent classic senior organized tours in Madagascar whose themes are varied if we only talk about Madagascar cultural tour, Madagascar seaside tour or beach stay, Madagascar discovery tour and Madagascar nature tour. However, these classic travel themes could be combined.

Cultural tours in Madagascar

The island of Madagascar was frequented mainly by Indians, Malaysians, Africans and Arabs. Therefore, we have a mixture of customs and cultures in Madagascar. For those who are interested in cultural tours in Madagascar, we offer designed tours and amenable cultural tours mixing cultures and discoveries. Here are our cultural trips in Madagascar which you can combine with other tours that suit you.

Malagasy new year

The Malagasy refer to the movements of the stars and destinies are related to the concept of space and time. The Malagasy New Year changes from year to year because it is based on the lunar calendar and the season of harvest. The day that follows the first full moon of the year is called « Alahamady be » or the first day of the traditional Malagasy year which is a Thursday. The celebration lasts a few days and is followed by « hira gasy », dance, music, « kabary » and « nofon-kena mitam-pihavanana » or zebu meat. Like any great family encounter, the custom is always followed by reconciliation and introducing.

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