Population of Madagascar

More than 25 million inhabitants is the number of the population of Madagascar. The Big Island is made up of several ethnic groups and communities.

Afro-Asians represent 98% of the population of Madagascar including 18 ethnic groups. The most numerous are the Merina with a percentage of 25% and then the Betsileo who occupy the 12%.

Other communities like the Comorians occupy the 0.3%, the European community, French in general represent the 0.4%, for the Indian community is 0.2% who are from Pakistan and arrived during the twentieth century and the Cantonese Chinese remain the least numerous at 0.1%.

Malagasy settlement origin

The origin of the Malagasy populating is a mixture of peoples between Africa and Asia so with other communities that the population of Madagascar is constituted. Almost all of Madagascar’s coasts are occupied by people from Africa from Mozambique and East Africa. Just as the Arabs arrived in Madagascar and settled there on the part more particularly the North and the North-West of Madagascar. At present, Madagascar is repartitioned into 18 ethnic groups with well-marked facial distinctions.