Madagascar birding tour, the highland to the south


This birding tour in Madagascar is a tour that you could also see Malagasy cultures, way of life, let us say discovery tour because apart nature and birds, there are more unforgettable places along the tour so you could take advantage of it.

The itinerary offers you 5 family birds and 5 birds manificient nesting birds from Antananarivo to Toliara. After visiting the Ramsar site in Antananarivo named Tsarasaotra private park that is a breeding place of more birds. go to join Ranomafana national park. Ranomafana is famous in watching birds, it is one of the best nests of several beautiful and rare birds in Madagascar. We can count around 75 species of birds. In addition, the park of Ranomafana shelters a high percentage of reptiles, frogs and lemurs. One can count more than 120 frog species, 13 species of chameleons and more than 10 species of lemurs. Continue to Ranohira where the Isalo national park is located. This national park is not renown as a birding park, it is famous to its canyons and sandstone massifs, just a really worth visit when people ax to the south of Madagascar but one can find some lemur species and endemic birds like Madagascar Kestrel, Madagascar button Quail, Madagascar bee-easter, Madagascar Sunbird…Following to that, visit Zombitse Vohibasia national park, a mixture of dry and dense forest that the site present 47% of endemic birds of Madagascar or more than 80 bird species, then, 8 species of frogs and an important lemur species. Also, in the vicinity of Toliara, the Tsimanampetsotsa national park which shelters 112 bird species, most of them are aquatics and not to forget flamingo colonies make scenery in the lake and then in Anakao the Nosy Ve Island, a place of Red Tailed Tropicbird breeding and other species. To finalize itinerary, visit the Ifaty baobab forest in Renala. A dry spiny forest that shelters several small bird species.

Best birding period October to December

Check Birds list


Departure city


Duration Type Axis Level availability
14days/13nights Birding South 1 Sept to Dec


Day 1: Antananarivo

Go to the Tsarasaotra private park located in Antananarivo and have visit of the ramsar site that is a refuge and nesting bird place for fresh water birds in generally, other bird species, endemic bird species and some madagascar endangered bird species could seen like Madagascar Pound Heron, Meller’s Duck, Vulnerable Madagascar, Litle greb…

In addition to close day excursion in Antananarivo, have visit of Rova of Manjakamiadana that is one of the 12 sacred hills of Antananarivo.

Birding, historical place, viewpoints

Overnight accommodation


Day2: Antananarivo/ Antsirabe

On road to join Antsirabe, an architecture colonial town famous for its semi-precious and precious stone markets and handicrafts. Visit the aluminium foundry of Ambatolampy in the half way leading to Antsirabe.

Foundry of aluminium in Ambatolampy, visit of Antsirabe workshops, Antsirabe stone

markets and stone museum, people and culture.

Overnight accommodation


Day 3: Antsirabe/ Ranomafana 

Join the national park of Ranomafana, one of the most beautiful national parks of Madagascar with its hot spring water. Pass by Ambositra, a must break that offers several shapes of craftmen carved woods. The town is famous to its Zafimaniry Arts

Landscapes, some visits of Ambositra workshops, waterfalls, people and culture.

Overnight accommodation


Day 4: First visit of Ranomafana national park

Full day birdwatching in Ranomafana

“Early birdwatching catch the worm”. Go on early visit guided in this humid forest of ranomafana that shelters rare and beautiful birds are easy to find.

Hikking, Ranomafana bird species, reptiles, lemurs, viewpoints, landscapes.

Overnight accommodation


Day 5: Second visit of Ranomafana/ Fianarantsoa

A half-day birding in Ranomafana

We personally choose to add a surplus of half-day visit to complete successfully your photography and birdwatching. Followig that, go to Fianarantsoa, the capital of Betsileo ethnic and famous for manufacturing local wine

Bird species of Ranomafana, fauna and flora, swimming allowed 

Overnight accommodation


Day 6: Fianarantsoa/ Ranohira

After making some Fianarantsoa’s high lights, continue to the south and pass by a renown village which breed silk and manufacture antemoro paper in Ambalavao. and then visit the Anja community reserve with its numerous catta lemurs easy to find.

The old town of Fianarantsoa or high city, landscapes, view points, visit of zebu markets in Ambalavao allowed, Antemoro paper, workshops, ring tailed lemurs

Overnight accommodation


Day 7: Ranohira

Visit guided of the amazing sandstone massifs of national park of Isalo.

Hiking, canyons, panoramic views, swimming in Isalo pools allowed, some bird species, lemurs

Overnight accommodation


Day 8: Ranohira/ Zombitse Vohibasia

Have a first visit of Zombitse forest, a transition forest of the west and the east. Birdwatching in Zombitse Vohibasia are easier due its short dry trees.

Landscapes, more than 10 lemur species, rare endemic birds

Overnight Lodge


Day 9: Zombitse Vohibasia/ Toliara

Before finishing the RN7 to Toliara, have a second visit in Zombitse to complet birding. Then, continue to Toliara, called a town that never sleeps.

People and culture

Overnight accommodation


Day 10: Toliara/ Tsimanampetsotsa/ Anakao 

Let you go birding to the national park of Tsimanampetsotsa that is located in Saint Augustin bay. The national park shelters in generally several species of aquatic birds mainly flaminagos.

Birds watching in Tsimanampetsotsa, Flamingo colony

Overnight accommodation


Day 11: Anakao

Go to the island of Nosy Ve by traditional canoe of Vezo, a breeding place mainly for Red Tailed Tropicbird. Also the area is an authentic fishermen area.

Birds, Anakao beach, original Canoe Vezo, people and culture

Overnight accommodation


Day 12: Anakao/ Toliara/ Ifaty

Go to Ifaty resort famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise sea protected by coral reefs.

People and culture, Ifaty beach, Diving allowed

Overnight accommodation


Day 13: Ifaty/ Toliara/ Antananarivo

Before going back to Toliara and taking flight to Antananarivo, take advantage to visit baobab forest that shelters also some species of small birds.

Ifaty beach, birding, Souvenirs in Toliara.

Overnight accommodation


Day 14: Antananarivo/ Ivato

After some shopping in Antananarivo, transfer to the Ivato airport


End of the tour

Best birdwatching period in Madagascar: October to December


Andasibe birdwatching, a great birding tour


This birdwatching tour in Andasibe in the heart of the east the rainforest is a short tour but offers birders and photographs maximum satisfaction. The Andasibe Perinet Mantadia Ananalazaotra Rainforest and Primary Forest is a better bird habitat, home to 112 bird species that you can see there if we only talk about Kingfisher, Madagascar Crested Ibis, Helmeted, Nuthach Vanga, Madagascar Blue Coua, Red Fronted Coua, Madagascar Pigmy, Ground Roler, Scally Ground Roler … In addition, the largest lemur in the world named Babakoto or indri-indri with more than a dozen species of nocturnal and diurnal lemurs are worth a visit. Going towards Andasibe, go through Peyrieras reserve, a private reserve whose reptile from the smallest to the largest are collected. Upon arriving at the destination, you will visit and hunt your pictures first in the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, then, the Analamazaotra Special Reserve and the Vakona Forest Lodge Private Park.

Best birding period in Andasibe: October to December

Birds list

List of birds in Andasibe 

Scientific name Common name Local name
Accipiter francesii Frances’ Goshawk Kekena
Accipiter henstii Henst’s Goshawk Hindry
Accipiter madagascarriensis Madagascar Sparrowhawk Firasambalala
Acridorheres tristis Common Mina Tserikamena
Acrcephalus newtoni Madagascar Swamp-warbler Tretreka
Alcedo vintsioides Malagasy Kingfisher Famakiakora
Alectroenas madagascariensis Madagascar Blue Pigeon Vintsiala
Anas meleri Meller’s Duck Akaka
Apus melba African Black Trip Melba Tsidintsidina
Ardea humbloti Vorompotsy
Ardea purpurea Vano
Ardeola idae Heron White Crabier Will Takatra
Ardeola ralloides Vano
Asio madagascariensis Marsh Owl
Atelornis crossleyi Rufous eaded Ground Roller Vorondreo
Atelornis pittoides Pitta like Ground Roller Harakaraka
Aviceda madagascariensis Madagascar Cuckoo Falcon Hitsikitsika
Brachypteracias leptosomus Short legged Ground Roller Tsakoko
Bubulcus ibis Cattle Egret Vano
Buteo brachypterus Madagascar Buzzard Tsiparahorovana
Butorides striatus Maitso Fony
Calicalius madagascariensis Red Tailed Vanga Hankana
Canirallus Madagascar Wood Rail Tsikirity
Caprimulgus enarratus Collared Nightjar Tataro
Caprimulgus madagascariensis Madagascar Nightjar Vikiviky
Casmerodius Albus Great Egret Domoina
Centrpus toulou Madagascar Coucal Taitoaka
Cisticola cherina Madagascar Cisticola Vorombararata
Copsychus albospecularis Madagascar Magpie Robin Voromasiaka
Coracina cinerea Ashy Cuckoo Shrike Firirina
Coracopsis nigra Messer Vasa Parrot
Coracopsis vasa Greater Vasa Parrot
Corvus albus Pied Crow Firirina Be
Coua Caerulea Blue Coua Fandrasa
Coua cristata Crested Coua Tsipara
Coua reynaudi Red Fronted Coua Taitso
Cuculus rochii Chic Billed Cuckoo Hambosanga
Cyanolanius madagascariensis Blue Vanga Bolokibe
Cypsiurus parvus African Palm Swift Tsidintsidina
Dicrurus forficatus Crested Drongo Tsingetry
Dromaeocercus brunneus Brown Emutail Jijimaitso
Dryolimnas cuvieri White throated Rail Vorotrandraka
Euryceros prevostii Helmet Vanga Patsatsatrala
Eurystomus glaucurus Broad Billed Roller Kirio
Eutriorchis astur Madagascar Serpent Eagle Papango
Falco concolor Sooty Falcon Tsipoy
Falco eleonorae Eleonora’s Falcon Tsikoza
Falco newton Madagascar Kerstel Roatelo
Falco zoniventris Banded Kerstel Akanga
Foudia madagascariensis Madagascar Red Fody Horovana
Foudia omissa Forest Fody Droadroaka
Gallinago macrodactyla Madagascar Snipe Vano
Gallinula chlorupus Common Moorhen Kikimavo
Glareola ocularis Madagascar Pratincole Kekakeka
Hartertula flavoviridis Wedge Tailed Jerry Vangamena
Hartlaubius auratus Madagascar Starling Poretika
Hypossita Corallirostris Nuthatch Vanga Bolokikely
Hypsipetes madagascariensis Madagascar Black Bulbul Tsikatekateka
Ispidina madagascariensis Madagascar Pigmy Kingfisher Tsakokomanga
Leptopterus chabert Chabert’s Vanga Torotoroka
Leptopterus virdis White Headed Vanga Vivy, Kiborano
Leptosomus Discolor Cuckoo Roller Toloho
Lonchura nana Madagascar Mannikin Tserikalambo
Lophotibis cristata Madagascar Crested Ibis
Margaropedrix madagascariensis Mpangalatrovy, bibika
Merops superciliosus Madagascar Bee Eater Taotaonkafo
Mesitornis unicolor Brown Metise Manganahitra
Milvus Migrans Black Kite Hitsikitsika
Motacilla flaviventris Madagascar Vagtail Asity
Mystacornis crossleyi Crossley’s Babbler Mokazavonamavo
Nectarinia notata Long Billed Green Sunbird Fodiala
Nectarinia souimanga Souimanga Sunbird Zafindrasity
Neodrepanis coruscans Sunbird Asity Farifotramainty
Neodrepanis hypoxanthus Yellow Bellied Sunbird Asity Fodimena
Neomixis striatigula Stripe Throated Jery Fitadroranga
Neomixis tenella Common Jery Siketribe
Neoximis Viridis Green Jery Farifotramena
Nesillas typica Madagascar Brush Warbler Jijimainty
Newtonia amphishroa Dark Newtonia Vangasoratra
Newtonia brunneicauda Common newtonia Jijy
Numida meleagris Helmeted Guineaf Owl Akohondrano, Otrika
Otis rutilus Malagasy Scop Owl
Oxylabes madagascariensis inexpectatus White Throated Oxylabes Vangamaintiloha
Phalacrocorax africanus Long Tailed Cormorant Vorondolo
Phedina borbonica Mascarene Martin Olioly
Philepitta Castanea Velvet Asity Fody Sahy
Phyllastrephus madagascariensis Long Billed Greenbul Marotaina
Phyllastrephus tenebrosus Dusky Greenbul Vorontainaomby
Phyllastrephus zosterops Spectacled Greenbul Tsintsina
Ploceus nelicouvri Nelicouvri Weaver Farifotramavo
Polyboroides radiatus Madagascar Harrier Hawk Fandrasabe
Pseudopias wardi Ward’s Shrike Flycatcher Sohihy Mangavola
Pseudocossyphus Sharpei Forest RockTrush Zafindrasity
Randia pseudozosterops Rand’s Warbler Talapiotany
Riparia paludicola Plain Martin Triotrio
Sarothura insularis Madagascar Flufftail Goaika
Sarothrura Watersi Slender Billed Flufftail Railovy, Dronga
Saxicola Torquata Common Stonechat Vangamanga
Schetba rufa Rufous Vanga Patsatsatra
Scopus umbretta Hammerhead, Hamerkop Akoholahinala
Streptopelia picturata Madagasacar Turtledove Finengo
Tachybaptus pelzelnii Madagascar Lesser Grebe
Terpsiphone mutata Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher Soimanga
Trenon australia Madagascar Green Pigeon Vintsindrano
Tylas eduardi Tylas Vanga Vanomainty Kinkimavo
Tyto alba  Barn Owl
Tyto soumagnei Madagascar Red Owl
Vanga curvirostris Hook Billed Vanga Todikarasoka
Xenopirostris polleni Pollen’s Vanga Fotsimaso
Zoonavena grandidieri Madagascar Spine Tailed Swift Matoriandro
Zosterops maderaspatana Madagascar White Eye Vorondolo


Departure city


Duration Type Axis Level availability
4days/3nights Birding Midle East 1 Sept to Dec


Day 1: Antananarivo / Andasibe

On the way to join the Andasibe National Park, passing through the Peyrieras Reserve in Mandraka and Moramanga a historical place of Madagascar during the struggle for independence.

Several species of reptiles, people and culture

Night walk allowed

Overnight at the hotel

Day 2: First visit of Andasibe Mantadia National Park

A full day birding.

Early departure, to visit Andasibe Mantadia and the most beautiful birds of Mantadia which is a primary forest await you with their decorating songs.

Indri-indri and other varieties of Andasibe lemurs

Overnight at the hotel

Day 3: Second visit to Mantadia National Park

A half-day visit to complete the birdwatching so that you are satisfied with your observation and your pictures.

In the afternoon, visit of the Vakona forest lodge, a private park where you can see a hundred crocodiles and take close-ups without zooming a few species of lemurs.

Overnight at the hotel

Day 4: Visit the Analamazaotra Andasibe Special Reserve

Early in the morning, leave for a half-day visit of Analamazaotra. At this time, you can admire indris and many other species of lemurs.

Return to Antananarivo in the afternoon.

End of the ornithologist tour.

You could combine this tour with others ornithologist tours

Best birdwatching period: october to december