Madagascar birdwatching and birding tours

So far, we have identified 265 bird species in Madagascar with 5 families and more than 100 of which are endemics to the Big Island. Some birds come from Africa, Asia and Europe every year during the rainy season those who are migratory and some of them are introduced like sad Martin of India. We can easily watch birds (common) anytime but many are concentrated and scattered in different regions and the rarest birds are located in places far from the beaten track or in dense or primary forests in Madagascar. All this does not discourage the ornithologists and amateurs, only the richness and the beauty of Madagascar birds which motivate them to make the Madagascar destination. We offer you some combinable Madagascar birding tours that we selected among the habitats with high concentrations of birds in Madagascar. You could choose your customized birding tour to Madagascar on the best period of birdwatching to Madagascar which is october to december.

Here are some twitching tour in Madagascar that you could customized