Whales festival in Ste Marie

Whales festival in Ste Marie


The whale festival in Ste Marie is an annual event, a Malagasy cultural event where everyone follows the rhythm of the island … Dances, music, sacrifices and rituals. The festival is an opportunity to celebrate humpback whales and takes place between the months of July and September in general during the arrival of colonies of giant humpback whales or Megaptera Novaeangliae and lasts for minimum 4 days. A peaceful attraction in one of the heavenly islands of Madagascar that several families of whales crisscross on the horizon during this period of mating. Enjoy whale safaris in Sainte Marie, the authentic island of Ile aux nattes with its beautiful beaches and other satellite islands.

Sainte Marie humpback whales watching periods: July to September

Madagascar humpback whales periods: (Toliara, Fort Dauphin, Nosy be, Maroantsetra, Sambava) July to November

Guaranteed departure, combined tour with « Andasibe, Pangalanes Channel and Ste Marie escapade »