12-day trip to discover the RN7 of Madagascar


Discovering the RN7 of Madagascar. This southern trip of Madagascar, or the most common « rn7 circuit » offers you the beauty of the landscapes and varied cultures from Antananarivo to Toliara along the national road 7, way of life, customs and colors. Through the architecture colonial city of Antsirabe, continuing to Ambositra with their famous carved wood skills and the iconic Zafimaniry art. Then you will continue the journey to Ranomafana National Park, one of the best rainforests and national parks in Madagascar. Apart from that, continue the rn7 trip to go up it towards Fianarantsoa which is the capital of the Betsileo ethnic group known by the local wine of the Betsileos. Further along this RN7 circuit, Ambalavao known for Antemoro paper and silk breeding. Stroll through the Anja Village Reserve; In Ranohira, in the famous Isalo National Park with its impressive sandstone massifs. To finalize the rn7 itinerary to Toliara, visit the Antsokay Arboretum, the Mahafaly ethnic museum, and a city tour of Toliara is essential before reaching the seaside resort of Ifaty, one of the best spots in Madagascar .

Pass by Antananarivo-Ambatolampy-Antsirabe-Ambositra- Ranomafana-Fianarantsoa-Ambalavao-Ihosy-Ranohira-Isalo-Tuléar-Ifaty

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Duration Type Axis Level Best period
12 days/11nights Discovery South 1 All the year


Day 1: Arrival in Madagascar

Reception of our representatives at Ivato airport

Transfer to the hotel

Overnight accommodation at   Sakamanga   hotel or similar


Day 2: Antananarivo / Antsirabe 

Departure for Antsirabe(1) or the city of water, a city of colonial architecture with its hot spring. The city of Antsirabe is known for its typical crafts and its semi-precious and precious stone markets.

Visit of the aluminum foundry in Ambatolampy(2), colonial architecture, museum of semi-precious and precious stones, people and cultures.

Antsirabe city tour by rickshaw possible

Overnight accommodation at the hotel   Flower Palace   or similar


Day 3: Antsirabe / Ranomafana

On the way to Ranomafana(3). Go through Ambositra(4), famous and recognized worldwide for its sculpted wood know-how and Zafimaniry(5) art.

Rice terraces of the highlands, landscapes, visits to some craft workshops, Zafimaniry art…

Night visit in Ranomafana National Park

Overnight accommodation at   Setam lodge   hotel or similar


Day 4: Ranomafana

Guided tour of Ranomafana National Park, one of the best national parks in Madagascar which is classified as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

Lemurs, reptiles, frogs, rare birds, chameleons… Endemic flora and fauna, hiking

Swimming possible in the thermal spring of Ranomafana

Overnight accommodation at the hotel   Setam lodge   or similar


Day 5: Ranomafana / Fianarantsoa /Ambalavao

Departure for Ambalavao(6) returning to the national road 7 and passing through the city of Fianarantsoa(7) known for its vineyards and the city which is divided into three main parts. The lower town, the upper town and the old town dating 1830. Then visit the city of Fianarantsoa.

Beautiful views, city tour of Fianarantsoa, ​​visit of the old town of Fianarantsoa, ​​traditional houses people and cultures

Visit of the studio of the great Malagasy photographer Pierrot Men and of the vineyards allowed

Overnight accommodation at   Zongo Hotel   or similar


Day 6: Ambalavao / Ranohira

Take advantage of visiting the 2nd zebus market in Madagascar, the silk breeding and the Antemoro(8) paper of Ambalavao. Then, continue towards Ranohira(9) where the immense massifs of Isalo are located. Along the way, visit the Anja Village Park which is home to several families of cata lemurs or the ring tiled lemur.

Visit of the manufacture of Antemoro Paper and local weaving of silkworms at Soalandy, crossing the southern gates (Great rocky mountains), landscapes, cata lemurs…

Visit of the zebus market of Ambalavao allowed which is held every Wednesday

Overnight accommodation at the hotel   Jardin du Roy   or similar


Day 7: Ranohira (Visit of Isalo National Park)

Departure for a visit guided of the Isalo National Park. Isalo is formed by amazing sandstone massifs that offer canyons, cliffs, plateaus and natural pools of blue, black and green color.

Practice of hiking, canyons, Pachypodiums, lemurs, aloes, euphorbias, panoramas, swimming allowed

Overnight accommodation at the hotel   Jardin du Roy   or similar


Day 8: Ranohira / Toliara

On the way to the final destination of the RN7 or Tuléar(10) or Toliara nicknamed the city that never sleeps, a very lively and colorful city.

Visit of the arboretum of Antsokay, the museum of the sea or the marine station, coelacanth fossil fish, people and cultures…

Overnight accommodation at the   Hotel Hyppocampo   or similar


Day 9: Tulear / Ifaty

On road to reach Ifaty(11) which is a seaside resort, one of the best spots in Madagascar offering beautiful white sandy beaches, the sea water is translucent with its beautiful seabed protected by corellian reefs. A well deserved rest.

Visit of the Baobab Forest or Reniala and the authentic fishermen villages.

Several species of birds, baobabs, people and cultures

Riding in a zebu cart allowed for the inaccessible visits by car.

Overnight accommodation at the hotel   Dune d’Ifaty   or similar


Day 10: Ifaty

Enjoy the beautiful beach of Ifaty.

Strolling, swimming, relaxing…

Going out by boat, snorkeling or scuba diving and humpback whale watching allowed

Humpback whale season: July, August, September

Overnight accommodation at the hotel   Dune d’Ifaty   or similar


Day 11: Ifaty / Tulear / Antananarivo

Back to Tuléar, visit the Jardin de la Mer or the Sea Garden which offers you sea things, little gems and craft shops before heading to the capital of Antananarivo(12).

Transfer to the airport of Tuléar

Charter flight Tulear TLU / Antananarivo TNR

Overnight accommodation at the hotel   Scaritel  or similar


Day 12: Departure from Madagascar

To complete the trip to Madagascar, visit one of the sacred hills of Antananarivo, The Rova of Ambohimanga which is classified as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Shopping for souvenirs

Transfer to Ivato International Airport

End of the tour



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Assistance from our representatives during your stay

All transfers by private car with air-conditioned


Tour guide

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Entrance tickets and visiting rights to all the sites mentioned in the itinerary

6 local guides (Ranomafana National Park, Anja Village Park, Isalo National Park, Antsokay Arboretum, Baobab Forest, Rova d’Ambohimanga)

All APT/HTL and HTL/APT transfers

Charter flight TLU/TNR

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International flights

Lunches and dinners


personal needs

Other optional activities



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2- Group rankings: Organized Youth Travel, Active Young Travel and Organized Retirement Travel.

3- The trip takes place from 4 participants

4- Group size is limited to 15 people.

5- The small group of 15 participants is accompanied by a french and english speaking tour guide.

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8- The customer is able to enter into a contract.

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